An ideal destination in the Dodecanese complex

At the point where the Cyclades meet the Dodecanese, we encounter Astypalea, adorned with its secret treasures, idyllic beaches, ideal for enthusiasts of alternative summer holidays.

Astypalea was named “the beautiful sister of Europe” in Greek mythology as well as “banquet of the Gods”, due to the fertile soil. Also known as “the butterfly of the Aegean”, it is our choice whether to attribute this to its shape, resembling that of a butterfly, or due to its landscape. A true star, modest yet at the same time alluring with such beauty, thanks to the local residents who do their utmost to protect and promote their precious gem.

Above all, however, Astypalea is the island of positive energy. The moment you set foot on the coast, you will not only feel the positive energy emerging from the fertile land, but also from the residents, creating feelings of joy, euphoria and relaxation.

It’s this energy which enables you to renew your batteries, refill your lungs with oxygen and give you the impulse to acquaint yourself with the magic of the island.

Initiate your acquaintance from Pera Yialos, the harbor of Chora, situated at the foothills of the peninsula, which hosts the capital of Astypalea.

The top of the hill accommodates the Venetian castle, once belonging to the Querini family. The reason for its existence was to protect the habitants against the pirates who acted in the Aegean for centuries. The whitewashed houses begin from the top of the mountain and continue down to the beach. In the central square of Chora, the 8 windmills which once served as wheat mills, are considered a landmark and attraction for the visitors of the island. Nowadays, fully restored, they serve as a tourist office, cultural and arts centres.

In the centre of the island, there is a strip of land, 100 metres in length, which separates Astypalea into the “inner island” and “outer island”.

Chora is situated in the “outer island” and the asphalt paved roads leading to the “inner island” pass by the beaches Marmari, Steno and Plakes.


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A wonderful view, unforgettable memories

Following a nine-kilometre-route, passing Marmari, Steno, Plakes and Ble Limanaki, all of which are beaches, the road leads to Analipsi, otherwise known as Maltezana, where you will also find the airport.

Maltezana is one of the three villages in Astypalea. It got its name from the Maltese pirates who first-inhabited Maltezana. It is a seaside village with a long jetty where fishingboats dock, yet is close to farms and vineyards.

The pre-Christian baths of Talaras are a landmark in Maltezana, due to its blue and reddish-brown mosaics dating back to the Hellenistic period. They are regarded as unique to Greece and their composition depicts the four seasons and the symbols of the zodiac sign. In Analipsi you can also visit the church of Saint Barbara with its mosaic court.

At the end of the village, on the road leading to the beautiful beach of Schinontas, you can find Akrotiri complex.

It is the place where the view of the vast blue of the sky and the sea will enchant you.

Astypalea is ideal for relaxing holidays. But if you are looking for adventure on your vacations or you are a sports enthusiast, you will find in Astypalea what you are looking for. Ready for holiday action? Learn more

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